white sneakers

Italian graphic designer puts a new face on art..http://trendland.net/2011/05/03/indepensense-by-giuseppe-mastromatteo/#more-59809

We are Dorothy - advertising playing a memory game.

Just finished work on the Snowy Hydro #Water Operations Report, you can see our #design work here http://bit.ly/cofAg0

Here’s a luxury football table for discerning lovers of the world’s favourite game http://bit.ly/bmlMB4

Our studio is having a Grand Final eve BBQ lunch on the terrace, St Kilda supporters are welcome to drop by and enjoy. Thanks Josh and Em!

RT @joshrubin: “The problem with reading long-form on screen is you’re only 2 clicks away from a man inhaling a lemon on YouTube.” @doct …

GM 27s Chevy Volt Batteries Get a Second Life http://tinyurl.com/2fps3e7

Airbus New Logo Grounded By Old Logo (via brandchannel) (via @brandchannelhub) http://bit.ly/cXPvrE

Just putting the finishing touches on an amazing new fit-out for the Centre of Adult of Education in Flinders Lane